I'm passionate about sharing knowledge.
 I studied philosophy at Flinders Uni in South Australia with a focus on Epistemology, the theory of knowledge. At uni I was a co-convener of the Philosophy Club and contributed puzzles to the Philosophy 4 Schools newsletter. I also compiled general knowledge crossword puzzles, called Crossquizzes for The Advertiser and The Age. I've always spent a lot of time in libraries, either for recreation or for research, so I started looking for a 'real' career by volunteering in a school library and found some casual work as a school services officer. In 2005 I found permanent work as a library officer at the newly opened joint use Mawson Lakes library, part of the Salisbury Library Service, in the Mawson Centre. This is a great facility with 32 PCs available for library patrons, Uni SA students, and Mawson School students. During this time I taught basic internet and email training to patrons and started developing a blog and website as a means to deliver training. In 2007 I became Systems Support Officer for Salisbury Library Service. In this role I'm the primary IT contact in the library for library staff, council IT staff, and vendors. I also help train staff in the use of new technology.
I live in Athelstone between The Torrens and Black Hill and spend my weekends roaming linear park or in the local national parks.